Packing for a Disney Cruise

If you’re like me, you start to plan what you’re going to pack the moment that you start planning your trip. I’m one of those people who wants to take everything, “just in case”. I’m learning to simplify packing for my next cruise so it will be easier to pack.

Some of the amenities provided by the cruise is a hair dryer and a few toiletries in the bath room. You can expect everything that you would find at a 4-star hotel. If you do forget something there are numerous gift shops located on the ship.

There are several special events planned during the cruise. One of the events is Character Night! Don’t forget to pack those adorable little costumes for the kids and yourself! There is also a “Dress up” night so be sure to bring a special outfit. I like to wear leggings and a tunic or a sundress would be nice for the women. Men would feel right at home with a dressy shirt and slacks. I found that the dress code was mostly casual.  If you are planning a 3 day/4 night cruise, 4 pairs of PJ’s, a bathing suit, 5 tops/shirts and 5 shorts of slacks per person. Don’t forget a swimsuit cover up for the kids to walk back and forth to the pool.  If you feel comfortable in dresses, throw a couple of those in your bags too!

Other things you definitely should not forget to pack is your sunglasses and sandals as well as your sunscreen! You will want to enjoy the onboard pool and don’t want to get a sunburn! Don’t worry about brining towels to the pool as they are provided near the pool. Of course, pool towels are for use at the pool and should be left there. This is where a cover-up comes in handy.

When you are on board, you will find door decorations which is such a cute way to personalize your experience. This creative activity helps the children feel a part of the cruise.

In closing, try not to get too stressed about what you should pack. Take your time and make a list. Remember to enjoy every second of your cruise because it goes so fast. This will be an epic memory for your family so just relax and have an absolute blast.

Also, don’t forget to tip your room attendant as they will work very hard to make sure your stay is as magical as possible.

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Crystal Rose

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