• Carnival Cruises
    Carnival Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean
    Royal Caribbean
  • Carnival Cruises
    Carnival Cruises
  • Beautiful Beaches
    Beautiful Beaches

    Let Clear Mind Travel send you on your beach Vacation!

  • Relax on the Rocks
    Relax on the Rocks

    Let Clear Mind Travel send you on your beach Vacation!

  • Beautiful Brazil
    Beautiful Brazil

    Rio de Janeiro, symbolized by its 38m Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mt. Corcovado.

  • Time to Chill
    Time to Chill

    Warm Breezes and cool water. Isnt' it time for your vacation?

  • Family Time
    Family Time

    Book today and start enjoying some famiy time together.

  • Alaskan Grandure
    Alaskan Grandure

    See Alaska as you've never seen it before.

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Not Sure Where to Go?

Reading online reviews of a specific resort or city can take lots of time and effort. If you’re booking a getaway for your family, but your destination is still a question mark, an experienced Clear Mind Travel agent can help steer you toward what you’re looking for (Family friendly? Beach town? Non-touristy?). What we’ve noticed is that often our suppliers have better rates than what discount sites are offering, even when they advertise for ‘cheap last minute trips.

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Why Use A Travel Agent?

These experts offer much more than booking services. First and foremost, they can help you decide where to go by walking you through the pros and cons of destinations based on the varying interests (and ages) of the people in your group. Not only that, they’ll deliver insider insights and access. They can tell you how to avoid the crowds at major sights and where the locals eat. They can even direct you to hidden corners of a city. And they also, crucially, know how to put together a seamless itinerary. Plus, if you start working with the same agent over and over for your travel, they become familiar with you and your needs, which makes it easier for them to help you pick out future spots you’ll enjoy.

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Traveling Internationally

If you’re planning to travel somewhere out of the country and you’ve never been there before, it might be a good idea to go through a Clear Mind Travel agent. When you use an agent to book international travel, you’ll be able to ask all your questions and your agent will be sure to gather all the information you’ll need to make sure you’re traveling safely. For European clients, booking through us is in U.S. Currency (Dollars) not in pounds or Euros, which makes us less expensive.

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Destination Weddings

Also known as a “Weddingmoon”, this popular trend has many benefits, but most important to many brides and grooms is that it can save you enormous sums of money.

Fly to a beautiful tropical destination – such as the Bahamas or Jamaica – get married and stay for a romantic week-long Honeymoon for an average cost of $3000 to $5000, including airfare, lodging, and all your meals, drinks, and activities. Compare that to the average 150-guest wedding that costs upwards of $15,000 – $20,000 without the Honeymoon!

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Car Rental

Make sure you can get to where you need to be. We can help you with your vehicle rental. We work with all the major companies to get you the best rates.

Dollar Car Rental
E-Z Rent A Car
Firefly Car Rental
Hertz Car Rental

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Amusement Park / Sports / Event Tickets

When booking a Holiday or weekend getaway don't forget entertainment.

Do you want to attend a concert?

See a Broadway show?

Watch a Sporting event?

Let clear mind travel handle all your extra needs. We are your One Stop Shop!

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